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If Kwik Fill gas is ‘American-made,’ why aren’t the prices lower?

If Kwik-Fill gasoline is American-made, then why aren’t the prices lower?

That’s the question local residents are asking after a recent commercial from the company states, “Kwik Fill gasoline is made right here in America. United Refining Company who operates Kwik Fill, refines its gasoline from North American crude oil in Warren, Pennsylvania,” according to News10 NBC.

If the company doesn’t use foreign crude oil, then why are its prices the same as other chains?

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Kwik Fill provides an answer to this question in the FAQ section of its website:

“This is a great question and one that we get asked often. The short answer is that the crude oil we buy is sold to us at an internationally traded commodity price that is set globally. Where (or when) that oil came out of the ground has no bearing on the price per barrel. Many people assume that North American crude oil would cost less than overseas oil, but that is not the case.

When you buy United Refining Company fuels at Kwik Fill, you are buying a product refined right here in the United States, and your money is not going overseas. That helps the 2,500 employees in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, which helps the communities in which they live. And that helps keep America strong.”