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Social Security: Be careful not to miss out on up to over $1,600 in spousal benefits

Millions of Americans collect Social Security every month, and the reality is that almost every American eventually will.

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If you’re entitled to spousal benefits, you can start collecting them at age 62 if your spouse already collects benefits.

What you receive in spousal benefits depends on what your spouse gets from their working years.

Keep these three things in mind when it comes to Social Security spousal benefits

Both spouses can collect benefits if they retire at the same time.

Your spouse’s earnings could impact what you get from Social Security.

Spousal benefits are worth up to half of the claiming spouse’s full amount.

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If your spouse collects reduced benefits, spousal benefits will be reduced.

Keep in mind that spousal benefits cannot grow the same way primary benefits can.

A person collecting their own Social Security can boost their payments by waiting longer to collect.

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If your spouse already started collecting, you can as well because delaying them makes no difference.

Finally, keep in mind who can and can’t collect Social Security benefits on behalf of their spouse.

You need to have been married for at least ten years, divorced for two consecutive years, unmarried, they must be entitled to benefits and your own benefits need to be worth less.

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