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Finger Lakes’ Protection Groups raise awareness for resiliency of watersheds

The Lake Friendly Living Coalition of the Finger Lakes is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Lake Friendly Living Awareness Month, this year highlighting watershed resiliency. The education series will host, virtually and in-person, more than 16 expert speakers on the watershed resilience theme throughout the month of May.
This year, the Lake Friendly Living Coalition coordinated commemorative resolutions among the NYS Assembly and Senate to provide for a combined NYS legislative resolution for celebrating Lake Friendly Living Awareness in the Finger Lakes Region. Endorsement resolutions passed in both houses in March. On April 7, the Coalition hosted an introductory meeting with resolution champions, Senator John Mannion (District 50) and Assemblymember Anna Kelles (District 125), to provide an opportunity for collaboration, support, and program recognition.

This year’s keynote speaker for the education series will be Fred Stoss of the University at Buffalo, on consequences and solutions for the Finger Lakes basin as it relates to climate change, and will be held on May 2, 7:00pm. All sessions are open to the public with pre-registration.
A calendar of events and speakers can be found by visiting HERE.
Residents and businesses are also encouraged to show their support by Taking the Pledge to incorporate lake friendly living practices into home and/or business activities. They can also serve as Lake Friendly Living advocates by posting yard signs provided by the associations. In addition to webinar registration, HERE provides links to each of the lake association websites and online resources to help residents learn more.