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Can I claim unemployment benefits if I quit my job?

Lots of people have left their jobs in hopes of finding better employment.

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However, they will likely not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

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The ‘Great Resignation’

Since the start of the pandemic millions of Americans have left their jobs, contributing to the ‘Great Resignation.’ It was a popular feeling that it was a good time to look for something new since the pandemic had shaken things up anyway. Unfortunately, if you leave your job voluntarily, you likely will not get benefits. Find additional information on it here.

In order to claim unemployment benefits in the United States, you have to lose your job through no fault of your own.

You may be eligible if you have ‘good cause’

Most people who took part in the ‘Great Resignation’ will not be eligible to claim unemployment. However, exceptions are made if you’ve left for a ‘good cause.’

Safety concerns and/ or the company trying to force you out are both valid reasons and make you still eligible. However, eligibility requirements are governed at a state level. This means that there are no national guidelines and eligibility requirements will vary by state.

Unemployment benefits are determined on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some circumstances where you could be eligible for benefits even if you left your job:

  •  Constructive discharge: If work becomes too difficult or demanding and you feel like you are being forced to quit
  • Medical condition: Rules vary by state, but most allow you to claim if you have an injury, disability, or condition that is made worse when you work
  • Domestic violence: Most states will allow you to still claim benefits if you had to quit your job for reasons related to domestic violence
  • Provide care for family: If you need to leave work to care for a family member, you should be able to collect unemployment benefits. Eligibility rules for family members vary between states.

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