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Stimulus: Transportation relief worth $150 to go out in 2023

Many people in Los Angeles rely on public transportation to get around in the city and will soon see a stimulus benefit of $150.

public transportation where residents could see stimulus payments for transport fares

The program is run by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

The LADOT plans to expand electric cars, bike sharing, car charging stations, and shuttle services.

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Walkways for pedestrians will be improved.

The project area is 25 square miles and holds 370,000 residents’ homes, where 29% are below the poverty line.

6% of area residents don’t have a vehicle and 20% rely on public transportation or bikes to commute to work.

$150 public transportation stimulus cards

The $150 public transport cards will be electronic.

They will work with the Transit Access Pass card.

2,000 residents in South LA will qualify.

States still giving out cash worth up to $1,000

The money can be used for rail fares, bus fares, electric vehicle rentals, shuttles, bikes and scooters.

You need to apply to the program this year for payments which begin in 2023.

$1,800 in all will be given to residents over the course of one year.

Eligibility requirements have not been released.

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