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Stimulus: Rebates for gas worth up to $500 proposed

Gas prices only continue to rise amid inflation, and some states are proposing solutions to residents in the form of stimulus and rebate payments.

car getting gas as prices rise and states consider gas stimulus payments and tax rebates

In New Jersey, lawmakers are working to give rebates worth up to $500 to residents with their 2021 tax return.

If you’ve already submitted your tax return you’ll still see the payment retroactively.

The bill is sponsored by Republican lawmakers and could give certain residents the $500 payments if passed.

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$1,400 still available to some Americans

Eligibility for the gas stimulus in New Jersey

To qualify, married filing jointly couples must make up to $250,000 for the $500.

Single filers making up to $125,000 would see $250.

This will be done using 2021 income and for anyone that filed ahead of the April 18 deadline.

Stimulus: Which states are offering a gas stimulus payment?

Anyone who submitted returns before this proposal is potentially passed will see the payments made to them retroactively.

Another proposal under review for the state of New Jersey is ending the full service gas mandate.

This would allow residents to pump their own gas.

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