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Stimulus: $1,400 still available to some Americans

There are still over 500,000 Americans that have enough time to claim stimulus checks they never got worth $1,400.

stimulus checks sent by the IRS to Americans

This check is the third stimulus payment that went out in 2021.

Americans that did not receive a check but could be eligible can claim the recovery rebate credit.

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Social Security: Will those receiving benefits see a fourth stimulus check?

If you received a payment then you need to report to the IRS the exact amount.

You’ll then report the amount you’re owed by claiming the recovery rebate credit.

420,000 people that didn’t get their stimulus payment have an ITIN.

Some Americans eligible for $1,400 payment

How to report what you received for stimulus money

The IRS sent letters to Americans if they received stimulus payments titled Letter 6475.

These letters confirmed the amount to report to the IRS.

Anyone the received plus up payments would see them in this letter.

IRS: Letter 6475 is necessary for you to get your refund

By subtracting the amount in the letter from the $1,400, you can figure out what you’re owed.

If you didn’t receive stimulus cash at all, the IRS will adjust the recovery rebate so you see a refund.

You have until Monday, April 18 to file your tax return with the IRS.

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