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IRS: Letter 6475 is necessary for you to get your refund

The IRS sent out a letter entitled Letter 6475 this year to help taxpayers claim any missing stimulus cash.

Over 175 million people were able to collect the $1,400 payments for themselves and any dependents they claimed.

Not everyone got the payments they were owed, or the full payments.

This is why Letter 6475 is important.

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Letter 6475 from the IRS explained

This letter started being sent out in Jan. 2022.

This will help taxpayers to know if they’re eligible for the recovery rebate credit.

Any stimulus cash or plus up payments you received during 2021 will be detailed in this letter.

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Each spouse who files married filing jointly will receive their own letter.

This letter only applies to the economic impact payments sent in the year 2021, not the two previous ones sent in 2020.

Who could see a stimulus payment from the IRS this tax season?

Anyone who had a baby in 2021 and the IRS did not know, they can claim a stimulus check with the recovery rebate credit.

Students who graduated in 2020 and became independent in 2021 can claim the credit if the IRS did not realize they were no longer a dependent.

People who were abroad when checks were sent can claim one if they were missed.

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