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IRS: These “tips” will not make your refund arrive quicker

At this point, 91 million Americans have filed their tax returns ahead of the deadline this Monday. Now, many will wait for their IRS refund.

IRS tax refund text in front of a tax refund check and return paperwork

There are several things people think will help their refund get processed faster, but they are myths.

This happens every year when people wait until the last minute to file their taxes and end up rushing.

The average refund for 2022 is around $3,226.

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Here are the most common myths circulating social media for processing your refund with the IRS faster

Contacting the IRS will make it go faster

One myth circulating the internet is that by contacting or visiting the IRS, an employee can make processing your return go faster.

This is untrue.

Employees at IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers are there to help taxpayers with their returns, they do not process anything.

You may track your refund through the tool offered online called Where’s My Refund.

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Your 2020 taxes need to be done before you can file your 2021 taxes

It is not true that you can’t file your taxes if you haven’t filed the previous year’s.

To avoid a delay, enter $0 for your previous year’s AGI.

Where’s My Refund is wrong if there isn’t a deposit date

Just because there isn’t a deposit date does not mean the tool is wrong.

Most refunds are set to go out in under 21 days.

This won’t be the case for everyone, and there are many reasons you could see a delay.

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Your tax transcript will give you a refund date

Ordering your tax transcript is a waste because there’s no information on your refund date.

The fastest way for you to see your refund is by choosing direct deposit.

In addition to selecting direct deposit, choosing to file electronically will make it go faster too.

My refund is less so the tracking tool is wrong

If your refund is less than expected, there’s probably a reason why.

If the IRS corrects mistakes made to the child tax credit, it could lower your refund.

When this happens, the IRS will send you a letter to notify you.

You will never be contacted by phone or email.

Using a tax professional will get you a quicker refund date

This is simply untrue.

Using a CPA or professional will not change the date of your refund.

They have nothing to do with the IRS’ role is processing your return once it’s sent.

If you got a refund you do not need to change your withholding

The IRS strongly urges people to check and adjust their withholding during the year.

There are various life changes that could warrant a withholding adjustment.

This could include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, pay raise, or buying a home.

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