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Fake charity websites on the rise as war in Ukraine unfolds: Helpful tips to avoid scams

The number of websites containing the word ‘Ukraine’ is up 210% compared to last year, with many of those sites being far from legitimate.

The email security company Tessian believes 77% of those websites are likely scams, according to News10 NBC. Experts at Tessian said scammers have also been using email to request donations as well as QR codes.

Fake scam sites often look professional and have names similar to those of legitimate websites, but there are some ways to tell a real donation website apart from a fake one.

News10 NBC suggests being skeptical of any unsolicited emails or social media messages. They also advise internet users to be weary of alleged charities requesting donations in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, if you scan a QR code to donate, that code should take you to the charity’s website if legitimate. QR codes that direct you to peer-to-peer payment sites like CashApp are likely scams.