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Housing market: Don’t skip the home inspection when selling a home

The housing market is currently the most competitive it’s been in years, meaning sellers may be cutting corners to get the process done fast.

house for sale in the housing market

One way they’re choosing to do this is by skipping the home inspection entirely when selling their home.

This move isn’t strongly suggested, but as home sales sky rocket it’s being done.

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The high demand for homes in 2020 increased the number of homeowners across the country by 2.1 million, according to The Sun.

While it isn’t suggested to skip home inspections, there are ways to do it.

How to skip a home inspection in today’s housing market

One way to skip the homebuying inspection is by getting a pre-buy inspection.

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This makes it so the one interested in buying the house can bring an inspector or general contractor in with them for their first house tour.

They’ll explain to the potential buyer what the condition looks like.

While this could speed up the process, contractors are also hard to find at the moment.

In addition, some lenders require a legitimate and formal inspection, eliminating the option to skip it.

Some sellers also prefer that the buyer chooses a formal inspection.

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