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Stimulus: $2,600 proposal for residents of this state

$2,600 direct stimulus payments are being proposed in the state of Alaska for residents to receive in 2022.

stimulus cash residents in Alaska may see

The debate is in the Alaska House right now, which is discussing the budget and may send money back to state residents.

The vote Tuesday was in favor of giving $2,600 stimulus payments to residents who would be eligible.

This would be a one time energy rebate with the Permanent Fund dividend Alaskans see every year.

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The dividends are expected to be worth $1,300.

The energy rebate would be in addition to the dividend payment.

The fiscal year for the state of Alaska begins July 1, 2022.

If the proposal is approved it must pass the House, the Senate, and be made a law.

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$850 payments supported by state lawmakers

At the moment the Senate is working on a similar stimulus proposal.

The current debate in the Senate is over the Permanent Fund, which was created in 1976.

In Feb. Governor Dunleavy asked that the state pass a payment in 2022 worth $2,500.

The high payment is to help residents handle inflation.

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