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Fourth Stimulus Check: $400 payments for gas possible

As gas continues to rise in price, the governor of California is brainstorming a fourth stimulus check payment worth $400 for gas.

gas pump where prices have risen so a $400 fourth stimulus check may go out

The state has suffered the most out of the U.S. when it comes to the inflation seen at the gas pump.

The proposal given by California Governor Gavin Newsom would help reduce energy and transportation.

Last week the price per gallon for gas reached $5.80, the highest it’s been.

This time last year the price was $3.76.

In order to help, Newsom has created a proposal to help residents financially impacted.

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Newsom’s bill has more than a fourth stimulus payment

The bill being proposed by Governor Newsom is not only offering a $400 payment to qualifying residents.

There will be three months of free transportation.

He wants to fast track incentives given for electric vehicles and charging stations.

An added benefit would be funding for things like biking and walking projects.

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$400 fourth stimulus check/gas rebate

Out of the $11 billion going toward this bill, $9 billion is to give residents a $400 payment for each registered vehicle per household.

Households are limited to 2 vehicles worth $400 each.

The $400 is close to the amount people spend on state excise taxes every year.

If passed, the payments could be sent as early as July.

In order to qualify, you just need to have a vehicle registered with the DMV in California.

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