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Food Stamps: Get SNAP benefits on your EBT card worth $835

41.5 million Americans collect food stamps every month as a way to help their families purchase food using an EBT card.

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While the federal government funds food stamps, states run the programs.

The way people receive their funds differs between states.

Most states use what’s called an EBT card, but some states have their own kind of card.

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Emergency SNAP benefits going to 33 states for April, but when?

California uses a card called CalFresh, and Illinois uses one called a Link Card.

A Link Card works similarly to a debit card, but can be used to purchase food stamp eligible foods.

How much can you see in food stamps?

How much you see depends on the number of household members you have and your income.

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1.5 million Americans will see emergency benefits for another month

The most a family of 4 will see in a month is $835, and the max for a family of 8 is $1,504.

Every additional person after 8 can see $188 more dollars.

The expectation is that households use 30% of their own income to purchase food.

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