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Lost Ithaca kitten found safe 250 miles away in New Jersey

An Ithaca resident who lost her kitten in late March was alerted her cat had been found 250 miles away in New Jersey.

Rachel O’Brien, 20, had taken her kitten Freddie Mercury out for a walk on March 19 in Ithaca’s Fall Creek neighborhood, according to The Evening Tribune. The kitten slipped out of his harness after being startled by a passerby.

After desperately searching for Freddie for almost a week, O’Brien got a call on March 25 at about 10 p.m. The caller was a young boy who said he had found her cat. He knew to call O’Brien because her number was on the cat’s collar.

O’Brien was shocked when the boy stated his location: West Berlin, New Jersey, a whole 250 miles away from Fall Creek. The boy’s family took care of Freddie Mercury while O’Brien made the four-hour drive down to West Berlin. No one is sure how Freddie Mercury ended up there, but the family said they assumed he was let out of a car nearby.

Freddie Mercury is happy as ever to be home, said O’Brien, who plans to keep the kitten indoors moving forward.