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Stimulus: 13,000 checks worth up to $500 still need to be claimed

There are still thousands of stimulus checks in the state of Maryland that need to be claimed under the RELIEF Act.

cash americans can receive from a stimulus check

The act was signed into law early in 2021 and gave individual filers $300 and households $500.

The payments were given to individuals who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2019.

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$75 tax rebates being sent to 25,000 Americans

As of now, 434,237 checks have been issued, according to The Sun.

Many already have the payments from this group, but others may need to do something to get a payment.

Who still needs a stimulus check?

Anyone who was owed a check that had their routing number on file was able to get their payment through direct deposit.

11,374 checks still haven’t cleared the bank.

The payments that weren’t able to be delivered were mailed the address on file.

1,507 addresses were unable to be identified.

If you think you’re owed a check, you can contact taxpayer services at 1-800-638-2937.

Once the information is updated the payment will be issued.

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