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Stimulus: $75 tax rebates being sent to 25,000 Americans

25,000 taxpayers in Idaho will be seeing a bit more money coming their way this tax season in the form of a stimulus tax rebate.

state stimulus tax rebate cash

State residents who filed a 2020 and 2021 tax return will start to see a $75 tax rebate stimulus sent out this week.

If you’ve already filed your 2021 income tax returns, the state emailed you letting you know if you were eligible.

If you owe taxes, the money will be applied to that first.

500,000 Americans could see $300 checks soon

When stimulus tax rebates are sent

Payments are being processed right now.

They’re going out on a first come first serve basis, so if you sent yours earlier you’ll see a payment sooner.

Anyone receiving a paper check will see it after all other payments are issued.

25,000 payments will go out per week.

In total, 800,000 payments are expected to go out.

Two days left to claim $285, only 500,000 qualify

Where is my stimulus rebate?

In the state of Idaho all income tax returns are verified to not be fraud.

If it is suspected to be fraud, the state will issue a notice.

However, until you respond to that notice, you won’t see your rebate or refund.

Tracking you stimulus rebate

Idaho offers their own tracking tool called Where’s My Rebate.

To check, you need your SSN, state driver’s license number, or 2021 income tax return.

You may choose to donate your rebate back to the state for public school, transportation, or parks and recreation.

You can do this by using the Donate My Rebate Tool.

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