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Stimulus & UBI: Two checks worth up to $1,200 available this week

Some Americans could see payments worth as much as $4,000 this week, with some being one time stimulus payments.

stimulus checks and ubi payments for americans

There are also UBI programs starting that will send payments soon.

Stimulus payments are one time payments, while UBI payments are recurring.

IRS: You might have to pay back your stimulus check

Here are the places sending stimulus or UBI payments to Americans soon

California is sending stimulus checks worth $1,200

This month California began sending checks worth $1,200 to 62,000 residents.

These checks are from the Golden State Stimulus I and II programs from 2021.

In order to qualify, California residents must make under $75,000 per year.

They needed to file their 2020 taxes by Oct. 15, 2021.

Get up to $1,000 a month with guaranteed income programs coming soon

The payments for the first program were $1,200 and $1,100 for the second one.

This last batch sent out 14,100 Golden State I checks and 47,700 Golden State II checks.

Paper checks can take up to three weeks and direct deposits just a few days.

These checks are mainly going to those who had amended not-resident returns or applied for an ITIN before the deadline.

Massachusetts is sending $500 UBI payments

The Essential Employee Premium Pay program is sending $500 payments to qualifying residents.

500,000 can expect the payments.

In order to qualify, you need to have worked during the pandemic in 2020 with an income of at least $12,750 for that year.

Your income needs to be below 300% of the federal poverty line.

Other payment programs sending UBI or stimulus money

New Mexico started a program that will send 330 families payments each month worth $500.

This will last for 11 months.

New Jersey is sending undocumented people or formerly incarcerated people stimulus payments worth as much as $4,000.

This is for those who did not get the federal stimulus check or unemployment benefits.

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