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Gas: You may be able to get free gas in this city

One businessman in the Chicago area has decided to give away $1 million dollars in free gas to residents of the city for the second time.

car getting gas at the gas pump

Willie Wilson held a giveaway on March 17th to help resident financially struggling to afford gas.

The national average has reached a new high of $4.85 as recently as one week ago.

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Free gas giveaway

The first giveaway was held on a first come first serve basis at 10 different stations.

The event lasted until all $200,000 he donated was spent.

Wilson hired 100 workers to hand out $50 gift cards at pumps for $15 per hour, according to AS.

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After the success, Wilson organized another giveaway, this time pledging $1 million dollars.

Drivers were not allowed to line up ahead of time and 48 gas stations participated.

Only the first 400 drivers at each station could be served.

Wilson is running for Mayor of Chicago.

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