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Stimulus: California residents could see $1,000 for gas prices

As gas prices continue to rise, lawmakers have discussed stimulus packages that would allow people to offset the costs.

as gas prices rise when people fill up, stimulus packages are discussed

If the bill passes, families with two kids could see up to $300 per month when gas exceeds $4 per gallon.

Another suggestion by Governor Gavin Newsom of California was to payment $400 per vehicle to state residents.

The latest proposal could give California families up to $1,000.

$100 monthly payments for high gas prices isn’t enough

How to get the $1,000 stimulus

There will be a $200 credit for taxpayers and any dependents.

This is applicable for taxpayers making under $125,000 or joint filers making under $250,000.

A family of 5 could see up to $1,000.

There is also consideration for providing grant funding to those in the state who do not file income taxes.

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