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IRS: Don’t make this huge mistake with your taxes

Most people feel stressed out when they do their taxes, and waiting until the last minute to submit to the IRS makes it worse.

irs tax return form with cash representing a refund

If you haven’t already filed, the deadline of April 18, 2022 is quickly approaching.

Rushing could result in more mistakes being made.

This could include incorrect filing status or misspelling names.

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A mistake that could harm you when it comes to your IRS tax refund

The mistake, according to Best Life, is that depending on your tax refund to arrive by the specified date could be harmful to your budget.

The IRS gave this warning on March 23.

While it’s likely you’ll see your refund within 21 days of the IRS receiving your return, it’s best to not depend on that.

There are various things that could cause a delay in your refund.

Does a tax extension impact my refund?

This includes the IRS needing more time to review your return.

A manual review is necessary if there are errors, it appears incomplete, or it looks like there could be fraud.

If this is the case, the IRS will let you know by letter.

The online tool to check the status of your refund can give you more accurate answers.

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