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IRS: Does a tax extension impact my refund?

If you can’t make the upcoming tax deadline, consider requesting an extension.

IRS tax extension form 4868

However, it could delay your refund.

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How do I file for an extension with the IRS?

The tax deadline this year is April 18. If you need an extension submit Form 4868 as a PDF to the IRS electronically or by paper. It must be in by the deadline to avoid penalties. Find additional information here.

However, applying for an extension will push back your refund payment. This tax year is complicated because of the child tax credit, stimulus checks, and other benefits. Because of this there is a backlog of tax refunds taking longer than the 21 day average.

Being granted a tax extension does not buy you more time to pay your taxes. You will be expected to pay any taxes owed by your regular deadline.

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