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Can you save food stamps on your EBT card if you don’t use them all?

Food stamps are paid onto an EBT card monthly.

We accept EBT cards

Can you save the benefit if you don’t use it all in a month?

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Does the benefit roll over?

Each state has their own SNAP program even though it is federally funded. The program rules and requirements vary from state to state. Find more information here.

The benefits are paid our on EBT cards. Some states have a different name for the cards, but they are widely known as EBT cards.

Each card works like a prepaid debit card. Locations that the card can be used is determined by the state.

The benefit does not go to waste, whatever is left on you card at the end of the month will rollover to the next month. This is in addition to the typical monthly sum that is deposited.

The benefit can be used the next month or saved for when its needed. However, it is important to note that the USDA says that if the EBT card is inactive for nine months, the benefits will be removed from the card.

Removing the benefits is done on a month to month basis depending on the date they were received.

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