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IRS: How are people spending their tax refunds?

Millions of Americans have already received, or will soon receive, their tax refund from the IRS. How will they spend them?

tax return forms used to file a return and receive a refund from the irs

It appears that almost half of Americans who have received their refund plan to put it into savings.

LendingTree released the survey.

IRS tax form question that you cannot leave blank

Data regarding what people plan to do with their 2022 IRS tax refund

1,039 Americans were questioned and 46% planned to deposit their refund into savings.

In 2021 that number was 41% and in 2020bit was 40%.

Gen Z showed that 62% of those ages 18 to 25 plan to save their money as well.

47% of millennials plan to put their refund into savings along with 42% of baby boomers.

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Stimulus update: IRS is making Americans pay back $2,000

41% of Gen X plans to save their refund.

The reason for these changes could be related to the financial hardships felt across the board due to COVID-19.

While there hopefully won’t be another situation quite like that, it taught millions a hard lesson about keeping a savings account.

Other plans for the money sent by the IRS included paying off debt or using the money for expenses like groceries.

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