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Stimulus: Three new proposals for a fourth stimulus check

As inflation plagues Americans at the gas pump, there are new proposals for a fourth stimulus check to offset rising costs.

cash Americans could see from a fourth stimulus check

There are some key similarities and differences with these programs.

They specifically target the gas prices rising, and not the overall financial need of living expenses for Americans.

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Energy rebate checks that work similarly to stimulus payments

The first proposal is for payments to go directly to Americans to pay for the cost of gas.

Americans could see a monthly payment of $100, with an additional $100 for any dependents they may have.

The payments will go out when the national average for gas reaches over $4 per gallon.

The guidelines are the same as they were for stimulus payments, with single filers qualifying if they make under $75,000.

Married joint filers must make under $150,000.

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Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act

The act will target households to receive an advanced tax credit, similar to the stimulus child tax credit.

The funding would come from taxing the oil companies.

However much money comes out of the taxes will be what Americans receive.

There was a similar bill proposed March 10 that would pay Americans advanced taxes quarterly.

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