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Stimulus: How can I see my stimulus check history?

There are two ways Americans can check their stimulus check payment history for tax purposes.

stimulus check sent through the mail by the IRS

First is online, and second is through a letter sent by the IRS.

Due to changes in tax laws, there are plenty of people who will need access to their stimulus payments to report the amounts.

You may not check the status using the IRS’ Get My Payment Tool anymore.

You’ll need any amounts in order to claim the recovery rebate credit, especially if you received a partial payment.

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How you can check the history of your stimulus payments

The first option is to check your payment online.

You can do this by accessing your online account through the IRS website.

By logging in, you can choose to click the Economic Impact Payment Information tab and see all your information.

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This is under the Tax Records page.

The second option is to check your mailed check information.

The IRS sent a Notice 1444 for the first payment, a Notice 1444-B for the second payment, and a Notice 1444-C for the third payment.

In addition to these pieces of mail, the IRS sent Letter 6475 this year, which details any stimulus payments sent in 2021.

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