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Stimulus: Gas card plan to offset gas prices cancelled

Gas prices reached as high as $4.25 over the weekend, and there was a plan for the government to send stimulus help in the form of gas cards.

car getting gas as gas prices increase and the government considers stimulus gas cards

This proposal will not be happening.

If it had happened, taxpayers would have been sent gas cards.

Democrats in the House did not support it because they felt it was expensive and poorly targeted, according to Yahoo Finance.

Stimulus: $800 tax payment can help with gas prices in one state

This move would have also happened during tax season, negatively impacting tax refund arrival time.

Sending additional stimulus funds during such high rates of inflation could also negatively impact the economy.

There are other options for reducing the high costs of gas that do not include additional stimulus funding.

One way would be to add more ethanol to gas, reducing the demand for oil.

There could also be a temporary suspension of federal gas taxes until the prices drop.

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