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RECALL: DigitDots magnets causing hazard

Magnets being recalled due to hazards.

Recalled magnets. Photo sourced by FDA

HD Premier is recalling DigitDots magnetic balls due to ingestion hazard.

Airborne gummies causing injury fears

Magnet Recall

HD Premier recalls DigitDots magnetic balls.

With a possible ingestion hazard.

There has been four recorded incidents so far.

In each case the child who swallowed these magnets required surgery.

This is not the first recalled product with this issue.

There has been cases for teens ingesting high powered magnets also requiring surgery.

In that instance there was also two deaths.

When a child ingests these magnets they can attract each other or other metal objects.

And then become lodged in the digestive system.

This can result in perforations, twisting/ blockage of the intestines.

Other issues such as infection, blood poisoning and death are also possible.

These magnets were sold at and

From March 2019 through January 2022.

Consumers should stop using the  magnets immediately.

Take them away from children and contact HD Premier to receive a pre-paid label to return the recalled products.

Upon receipt of the products, consumers will receive a refund.


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