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Build Back Better: What assistance will families see in 2022?

The Build Back Better bill was set to pass by the end of 2021, and was going to extend the child tax credit. This did not happen.

Capitol building where congress discusses the build back better bill and social programs

In fact, a quarter of the way into 2022 it still has not passed.

This program offers an array of different social programs that would offer assistance to Americans in need.

The program was created to help tackle climate change, create jobs, and rebuild the economy after the pandemic.

Stimulus: New plan would give $300 monthly child tax credit payments

Build Back Better explained

There are three pieces to the bill:

  • American Rescue Plan
  • American Jobs Plan
  • and American Families Plan

Child tax credit: When will monthly payments start again?

The bill in its entirety has various goals to meet.

One goal was to better invest in children and childcare long term, as well as find a solid way to help climate change.

Affordable healthcare and strengthening the middle class were overall goals as well.

Since the Build Back Better bill hasn’t passed, what’s happening with it?

Parts of the bill have been signed into law, like the American Rescue Act.

Democrats are working to bring the other parts into fruition.

Not all Democrats support the bill, meaning it may not end up passing at all.

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