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IRS: How do I amend my tax return?

Sometimes we realize after already submitting our tax returns to the IRS that a mistake may have been made. How do you amend it?

IRS tax return forms used to file a tax return, or amend a tax return

There are ways to fix mistakes made when filing your tax return.

You can file a supplementary return to reinsert corrected information in some cases.

IRS: When will the IRS update the status of my refund daily?

Filing a supplementary return to the IRS

The complementary return must be filed for the following incorrect information

  • marital status
  • number of dependents
  • total income
  • missing deductions
  • missing credits

If there were errors in math, the agency can fix it without a supplemental return.

If the IRS needs something they will notify you my mail.

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Requesting an extension with Form 7004

IRS Form 1040X

In order to fill out an amended, or complementary, return you need to fill out Form 1040X.

You’ll need to check the box to show which year you’re amending.

This can only be done by paper form, there is no electronic option.

Your corrections need to be justified on the back of the form.

If you choose to amend multiple years, you must fill out a separate form for each year.

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