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You can work while you collect Social Security

If you are eligible to receive Social Security while you work, you’ll have your earnings calculated with a test.

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The test is for those earning income and collecting benefits before FRA.

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How does it work?

FRA stands for full retirement age. If you are collecting Social Security benefits before FRA, you’ll receive a reduced percentage of your benefits. Click here to read more.

The Social Security Administration says FRA depends on when you were born:

  • 1943 to 1954: 66 years old
  • 1955 to 1960: 67 years old
  • 1960 or later: 67 years old

Some retired people hold off on collecting their Social Security benefit until FRA so no money is “lost.”

If you want to collect before FRA, the Social Security Administration evaluates your earnings on your work recorded. They may recalculate for a higher benefit in the following years.

The administration calculates how much of your benefit is withheld. This is based on the income limit, then they send you a reduced check.

The 2022 lower limit is $19,560 and the higher is $51,960. This means that when you turn 67, you can earn up to %51,960 before the earnings test is brought into play.

This year, those receiving benefits, have seen a $92 increase in their payments. Couples who receive their benefit together have seen a $154 increase.

Benefits increased in line with the COLA rise 0f 5.9%. The maximum monthly Social Security payment is $4,194, but there are some stipulations to receive that .

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