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Assistance: Parents and financial assistance for daycare costs

Daycare and child care costs can get expensive, but parents have a chance to ask for financial assistance in caring for their child.

financial assistance available for childcare costs

This is part of the Child Care Access Means Parents in School program.

This program helps parents from low income households who are attending school with daycare on campus.

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How to qualify for assistance with child care under this program

In order to qualify, you must be low income and be eligible for the Pell grant.

Two colleges offering this program for parents in school are the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Henderson State University.

UALR was given a grant from the federal government worth $581,128 to start their program.

In that specific program 10 students have been accepted and another 60 have applied for the sliding scale fees.

In order to remain eligible students need to maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Henderson State University has received $72,884 and will each year for four years to start their program.

4 students are enrolled in it right now.

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