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UBI: New program worth $42 million can help give monthly payments

Plenty of cities have started UBI, or Universal Basic Income program across the nation. Now, Cook County residents will see one.

UBI or Universal Basic Income graphic

The city claims their newest UBI program is the biggest in the United States.

They’re the 24th city to join in on helping their financially struggling residents.

The program is using $42 million from COVID relief funds they received.

Universal Basic Income: 23 U.S. locations offering up to $18,000

Applications will be available within the next year.

Eligibility, payments, and who can qualify is still not known.

The hope is that the program will remain permanent.

The program will target residents in the suburbs of Cook County because Chicago already has its own program.

Universal Basic Income: Families see $500 per month

Who might qualify for this UBI program?

While this is still unknown, it may take after the Chicago UBI program.

In Chicago they need to prove residency, age, and show their income and any hardship they suffered due to COVID-19.

In Chicago the income limit for a family of four to qualify is $55,575.

What they will be paid from the UBI is also still unknown.

In Chicago the payments are $500 and go out to 5,000 families who were chosen using a lottery system.

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