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IRS: When will I get my tax refund in 2022 and how to track it

Now that tax season is well underway, millions of Americans are patiently waiting on their tax refund from the IRS.

tax return form used to submit to the IRS for a tax refund

The last two tax years have been confusing and stressful, and this year may prove to be similar despite trying to remain normal.

There are some deadlines to keep in mind this tax season as well as ways to track your refund.

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IRS federal tax deadline

The normal deadline for taxes to be submitted in April 15.

This year Emancipation Day falls on a Saturday, April 16.

This means it will be honored by federal offices in Washington D.C. on April 15.

This pushed the tax date out to Monday, April 18, 2022.

Everyone should have received their W-2 by now, the deadline for employers to send them is Jan. 31.

You must request an extension if necessary by April 18, 2022.

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Tracking your refund from the IRS

There are tools the IRS offers to track your refunds.

You may use the Where’s My Refund tool on the IRS website, which updates once a day overnight.

If you filed electronically and there were no issues, you should see your refund within three weeks if you chose direct deposit.

Filing by paper may take six to eight weeks.

Filing later during peak season will probably cause a delay as well.

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What will my refund be?

The average refund for 2021 was $2,827.

This year there were a lot of changes with stimulus payments and the child tax credit.

You should receive letters outlining what you already received and what you can still claim.

As of Feb. 25, the IRS has sent a collective $103 billion in tax refunds.

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