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Child Tax Credit: IRS will close the portal soon

As Americans utilize all the tools they can to file their 2021 tax returns, they may be disappointed to learn the child tax credit portal will no longer be one of them.

tax forms used to claim the child tax credit from the IRS

The pause is only temporary, but it’s happening until tax season is over.

The White House put the pause in place due to confusion the portal is causing this tax season.

The government is worried people would use the non-filer portal if they’re required to be a filer.

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About the child tax credit portal

Last year when the portal was created, there weren’t as many issues because it was made after tax filing season had ended.

This year it may make it look like people are filing their taxes twice and cause a lot of confusion.

This could cause major delays and issues while the IRS, which is already behind, sorts them out.

This makes it so those looking for the rest of their child tax credit can file a tax return with the IRS.


CTC: What’s different in 2022?

Closing the child tax credit portal is temporary

The portal being closed is not permanent.

It will reopen after tax season ends on April 18, 2022.

Once regular taxes are filed, the portal will reopen to help low income families use the simpler process offered.

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