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Stimulus check payments and scammers explained

Online scams are an unfortunately common occurrence these days, and now scammers and hackers are target stimulus check payments.

stimulus check payments sent through the mail

Americans that have seen all three rounds of checks have at times found themselves victims of hackers who get into their payments to take the money.

Scammers are pretending to the IRS during the tax season and millions have already been lost.

These cybercriminals use mail, phone calls, and personal information to scam people with their taxes.

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The IRS will not  call, email, text, or message anyone regarding their taxes.

If you get a fraudulent text or message, there is usually a link and clicking it could give up personal information.

Phone calls involve someone pretending to be an agent with the IRS demanding payment.

Emails will try to look like a legitimate website in need of personal information.

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Scams with Social Security

Social Security numbers are a big way hackers get your information.

The Federal Trade Commission deals with Social Security scams the most.

In the case of stimulus check payments, the scammer will tell you they need your SSN for you to get the stimulus payments.

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