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Social Security: Protect benefits from online scammers

Technology has made it easier for scammers to target the elderly online, and one thing they should be diligent to protect is their Social Security benefits.

social security card with cash, representing benefits that online scammers often target

Online criminals can try to target unsuspecting Social Security beneficiaries in an attempt to take their benefits.

There are a few things you can do to help stop this from happening by setting up a My Social Security Account through the SSA’s website.

Any activity related to your SSN can be monitored this way.

Only claim benefits if you know these answers

What you can do to protect yourself from Social Security fraud

You may check your account to see if someone used your SSN to apply for benefits.

You may also check to see if someone changed your name or address.

It’s also possible to see if a bank account was changed to see if benefits are going to another location.

4 helpful tools to help manage benefits

If you feel you’ve fallen victim to this type of identity theft, you should report it to

If you start getting benefits, you need to monitor the deposits each month into your bank account.

Never keep your SSN card on you or share your number.

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