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Popeyes’ is bringing back this sandwich

This new sandwich is back on the Popeyes’ menu.

Popeyes fish sandwich

Popeyes released this sandwich last year.

They’re now bringing it back for a second round due to popular demand!

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Popeyes Fish Sandwich

During Lent a lot of us are looking for a good fish sandwich.

Normally most people would head to McDonalds for the Filet-O-Fish.

But once people realize Popeyes is bringing back this sandwich they might go there instead.

The chain is bringing back the Flounder Fish Sandwich.

This sandwich was wildly popular last year so they decided they had to bring it back.

The Flounder Fish Sandwich is available in two ways.

The original and for those of you who like an added kick, the spicy.

If you are interested in trying this sandwich you can use this link to find the nearest store to you!

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