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Fast Food: What not to get

Here’s what fast food to stay away from.

fast food menu items

When it comes to fast food you might think this menu item would be a healthier choice.

Well if that’s the case you might be wrong.

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Wendy’s breakfast menu is growing!

#1 most unhealthy fast food item

There was a mass amount of hype around the Wendy’s new chicken sandwiches.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the Classic Chicken Sandwich.

If these are your Wendy’s go-tos because you think they are a healthier choice.

This will come as bad news.

These sandwiches are the most unhealthy fast food item you can get right now.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe option is 1,499 calories.

Has 149 grams of fat and 4,755 milligrams of sodium.

These numbers are pretty high compared to other chains chicken sandwiches.

Such as Popeye’s coming in at only 700 calories.

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