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Fourth stimulus check: What’s happening with another $1,400?

Millions of Americans benefitted from stimulus checks last year from the government worth $1,400, but they want to know if they’ll see a fourth one.

stimulus check sent in the mail from the irs, many are hoping for a fourth stimulus check

While there are some cases that Americans could see an additional $1,400 from gaining a dependent, there has not been an announcement of a fourth check.

At this point, getting another stimulus check is a matter of what your finances looked like last year.

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Stimulus: $4,000 for households that missed stimulus checks

Who can expect a payment, or fourth stimulus check, with their refund?

If you had a baby, adopted a child, or claimed a new dependent for 2021, you can claim their $1,400 for this year.

If your income dropped in 2021 and made you eligible for an economic impact payment, you may claim it.

The reason these people can claim the payments, and in some cases a fourth stimulus check, is because the IRS didn’t know.

The IRS used the most recent tax returns on file for people from 2019 or 2020.

Fourth economic impact payment & Social Security recipients

A fourth stimulus check for seniors

One of the biggest pushes for a fourth economic impact payment was for seniors on a fixed income.

Despite receiving a 5.9% COLA increase, inflation has since surpassed that.

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How to get $1,400

As costs continue to rise around seniors, their income stays the same.

Many have admitted to cutting their medications in half, eating one meal per day, and just going without in order to make ends meet.

While the Build Back Better bill does have some provisions for seniors and their medical needs, a fourth stimulus check is not one of them.

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