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Fourth stimulus check: How to get $1,400

Millions of Americans benefitted from the stimulus checks given out under the American Rescue Act, but many are wondering if there will be a fourth check.

stimulus check sent by the IRS, some families will see a fourth stimulus check

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of unknown for Americans as we head into the start of its third year.

While a fourth check looks unlikely, many Americans may be entitled to missed stimulus money from the last check in March of 2021.

This check was worth $1,400 and the IRS finished sending checks Dec. 31, 2021. There are ways to get the cash if you missed out on it, and some families may be seeing a fourth check.

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Who will see a missed or fourth stimulus check?

You will need to meet specific criteria in order to qualify for a fourth check, or a check you missed.

The biggest group expecting an additional payment are new parents that had a child in 2021.

The IRS was not aware if you gained a dependent during 2021. They used 2019 or 2020 tax returns to send the stimulus payments.

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This means new parents, foster parents, and adoptive parents may all qualify for a $1,400 check for their new dependent.

Another group that may see a missed check are those who were abroad during the payment’s disbursement.

Millions of Americans live outside the United States, but only thousands of them who were eligible for a stimulus payment received one.

Stimulus check: Get the $1,400 you missed

Claiming a missed or fourth stimulus check

If you feel that you qualify for a stimulus payment, you may claim it on your 2021 taxes this year.

The Recovery Rebate Credit will give you the full $1,400. It also covers a partial payment if you received less but were entitled to a full payment.

You can claim the payment and will then see that money in your tax refund.

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