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Stimulus checks: What’s happening in 2022?

Many Americans are still holding out hope that there will be a new stimulus package. The hope is it will have stimulus checks for the year 2022.

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While no new checks have been announced, Americans can collect the second part of their expanded child tax credit.

President Joe Biden is still hopeful that they’ll extend the child tax credit program for at least another year.

The proposal comes under the Build Back Better bill, which they wanted to pass before 2022.

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That did not happen, and its passing is still up in the air.

If passed, then the child tax credits will still be worth up to $3,600 and parents could see monthly payments like they did during 2021.

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What the 2022 child tax credit will look like if passed

If the bill is passed then parents will see a double payment in the month of February to make up for the missed payment in January.

This means January’s payment will arrive at the same time as February’s.

Until then, you can get the remainder of 2021’s child tax credit with your 2021 tax refund.

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