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Grocery: these 5 items are cheaper than ever

5 grocery items are at their lowest price.

Grocery items

After hearing about how prices on everything continue to go up.

This article brings good news.

These grocery items are cheaper than ever right now.

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5 cheapest grocery items

This pandemic has really hit grocery stores.

With prices of some of our house hold staples sky rocketing.

Final we have some good news to report.

These items are at their lowest prices ever

Dollar General grocery products

The Dollar General has been working to supply fresh food to 1,800 of their locations.

This will be huge.

Most of the food you will find at the Dollar General is heavily processed and or frozen.

This will give low income families or just bargain shoppers.

A chance to get some better quality foods.

Beef and Poultry

Recent reports show that their was a 0.3% decrease on beef and poultry prices.

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Seasonal produce always has max flavor and the most freshness.

Right now it’s also at a lower price.

When a fruit or vegetable is in season grocery stores are able to lower it’s prices.


Generic grocery items

Look past the labels you’re next grocery visit.

Most generic brands can offer you the same product at a 20% to 25% discount.

Compared the the name brand prices.



With Valentine’s Day and Easter around the corner it’s good news chocolate made this list.

Walmart shoppers saw 75% off seasonal candy and chocolate.

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