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Do Vape Batteries Explode?

Ah, what a terrifying question to ask… vapes are awesome enough without talking about explosions. But it’s an important question, so let’s dive in and explore!

In this article we will talk about vape batteries, where to get them and of course, if they explode…

What are vape batteries and how do they work?

Vape batteries are not just for vape mods. They can power several electrical appliances, gadgets and tools. Some common products that use vape batteries include: Vaporizer mods Portable vaporizers E-cigarettes.

There are a few different styles of vape battery you might encounter. The two main types are 18650 style and 26650 style batteries. The 18650 style battery is the most popular and widely used vape battery that you’ll find. They are much like AA or AAA batteries, but much larger (18mmx65mm).

26650 style vape batteries can be much larger than an 18650; they are wider and slightly longer, which gives them more power storage capacity, so they can last much longer than 18650 vape batteries. There are also vape battery charger options. These chargers are used to recharge your dead vape battery when it isn’t being used or while you’re using it so that you never run out of power when you need your vaporizer the most.

Do vape batteries explode, and if so, why do they explode?

To answer this quickly, yes. But wait! Please read on.

There are two reasons vape batteries explode. The first reason is that the battery overheats. This can be because of several reasons, including poor charging habits or old age.

When vape batteries overheat, they make the chemical compounds within them unstable, which can cause them to swell up or change shape. If this happens when the battery isn’t in use, no big deal. However, if the battery is in your vape and it swells up while you’re vaping on it, there’s a serious risk that it will explode or catch fire.

The other common reason for vape batteries to explode (or catch fire) is because of improper charging habits. If you leave your vape batteries on a charger for too long, they can become overcharged. This usually results in a swollen battery and a shorter lifespan. It also increases the risk of overheating and exploding/catching fire while you’re vaping.

Predicting whether or not a vape battery will explode due to being overcharged is impossible, so it’s better to play it safe. It’s best to choose a vape battery that doesn’t overcharge and monitor your charging habits to ensure you’re never left with an overcharged vape battery.

The difference between these two types of exploding vape batteries is the most important factor in determining whether you will need to replace your vaping device when you experience an exploding battery.

How can you prevent your vape battery from exploding?

The number one way to avoid your vape battery from exploding or catching fire is to choose a high-quality, reputable brand. Never purchase vaping batteries from questionable sources. Reputable retailers will sell you the best quality vape batteries and will provide extensive information regarding how to care for and use them properly and safely. It’s important that you choose only the highest-quality vaping batteries, as they will last longer and function better. This will help you avoid a disaster.

In addition to choosing an appropriate vape battery, it is always important that you fully charge your battery before use and monitor the temperature of your device during charging or once in use. If it becomes too hot, immediately remove the battery from the charger or vaping device.

Never leave your vape batteries unattended while charging, and never overcharge them by leaving them in the charger overnight. Once charged, always remove them promptly.

If you are using mods with removable batteries, be sure to keep track of which battery is positive-side up so that you don’t mistakenly use it for the wrong polarity.

What should you do if your vape battery explodes?

If your vape battery malfunctions and overheats, immediately turn off and unplug it and place the battery in a fireproof container for several minutes.

Do not use or charge the defective battery again.

If your spare batteries heat up during normal vaping use, stop using them and replace them with new ones. If you continue to use a defective battery, your mod will probably explode.

How likely is it that my battery will explode?

Honestly, it’s very rare that a vape battery explodes, but it can happen.

Defective batteries heat up and sometimes explode more easily than healthy ones.

If you purchase a high-quality battery from a reputable store, your chances of experiencing a defective or overheating your vape are very low.

However, if you use generics or buy cheap knockoffs, the odds of having a defective or overheating battery are much higher.

Thank you for reading!

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