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Dryden Fiber looking for executive director

The Town of Dryden has taken a significant step forward in its Dryden Fiber broadband project by unanimously approving the creation of an executive director position. The announcement came during the Town Board’s meeting on February 8, where members also proposed David Makar, the project’s current broadband marketer, for the role. Makar, known for his extensive work in marketing the $15 million service project and his history as a former deputy town supervisor, could soon lead Dryden Fiber, New York state’s first municipal broadband service provider, into its next phase of expansion.

The newly approved executive director will oversee strategic leadership, financial management, and customer focus, among other duties, to guide Dryden Fiber’s development. With the broadband service gaining more subscribers since its launch in November 2022, Town Supervisor Jason Leifer emphasized the necessity of the position to manage the project’s growing demands. The role promises a $75,000 annual salary, with funding sourced from the project’s income, highlighting the town’s commitment to enhancing its broadband infrastructure.

As Dryden Fiber looks to apply for significant grant programs to support its expansion, the town’s leadership expresses confidence in Makar’s capabilities to lead the project successfully. Makar’s potential appointment is seen as a strategic move to ensure the project’s continued success, with his deep understanding of Dryden and the broadband initiative. The town anticipates that filling this critical role by March 1 will further solidify Dryden Fiber’s position as a leading example of municipal broadband service in the region.