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IRS: Avoid facing delays when filing your taxes

Last year millions of Americans faced major delays with their tax returns and refunds when submitting to the IRS. There are ways to avoid this happening this year.

It’s worth noting that the IRS is required to pay interest on refunds they take longer to send out.

There are still taxpayers in 2022 waiting for their refunds from the year 2020.

The same kinds of problems are at risk of happening this year, but it’s possible to lower your chances of them occurring.

IRS: How to avoid delays in your refund

The delays are happening thanks to the pandemic and the issues it has created.

This includes low staffing for more tax returns.

While the IRS prepares to start 2021’s tax season, they’re still bringing a large amount of 2020 into the new tax season.

You should see your refund within 21 days of filing your taxes if everything is correct.

Once 45 days pass, the IRS then needs to pay interest on your refund.

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Avoid delays in your tax return processing

Be sure to file your taxes electronically as well as selecting direct deposit.

By filing electronically your return is going to be processed quicker.

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The same goes for your refund being sent by direct deposit.

Doing everything electronically will also lower the chances of returns and checks being lost in the mail.

Double check all information on your tax return to make sure it’s correct.

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