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Social Security: Tax credits you may claim even with SSI and other benefits

Americans everywhere are preparing their tax returns, but some people collecting SSI or Social Security could qualify for other tax credits.

There are often tax credits people in these kinds of programs would not normally qualify for.

This year, it’s worth looking into if you collect SSI, Social Security, or have an income low enough to not need to file taxes.

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How to make SS payments worth more

The child tax credit is one credit you can claim if you collect Social Security

This credit is for anyone with a qualifying child.

The payment for kids under age 6 is $3,600 and $3,000 for kids ages 6 to 17.

Last year advances were paid to millions of families worth half of the credit.

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SSI and SSDI differences explained

The payments were spread out each month from July through Dec.

If you did not get the payments last year and you qualify, you may file a tax return this year to claim the credit.

If you’re collecting SSI or Social Security this payment will not count as income or impact your current benefits.

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Interesting spousal benefit rules

Those collecting SSI and Social Security can claim the Earned Income Tax Credit

This credit is for low to moderate income employees and their families.

What you get depends on your family size and income, but it’s higher this year under the American Rescue Act.

If you meet the requirements of the EITC then you can claim it even if you’re on SSI or Social Security.

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