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Domino’s is doing what?

Dominos is paying customers to not have their pizza delivered.

Dominos pizza

Most people love Dominos for their quick and easy delivery.

But can you get paid if you pick your pizza up yourself?

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Domino’s is paying customers

Due to the chain dealing with staff shortages.

They don’t seem to have as many delivery drives as they need.

So to combat that Domino’s is offering a $3.00 “tip”.

To customers who go for the pick up options instead of delivery.

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How to get this tip

The $3.oo comes in coupon form.

Which customers can then use on a carryout order the next week.

In order to get this coupon you will need to the following.

Using the Domino’s website or app place a carryout order for at least $5.oo.

Then you will be eligible for the $3.00 coupon.

This offer is available now until May 22,2022.

So maybe when you’re thinking of what to get to snack on this Super Bowl Sunday.

You should consider picking up your pizza instead.

Domino’s has 17,000 store in the U.S. so odds are there is probably one near you.

If you’re interested in trying out this deal you can use this link to find the nearest Dominos to you.

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