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Health insurance: Is mental health covered?

Americans everywhere often experience some sort of mental health need. Many ask, are these services offered through health insurance?

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The pandemic has caused a lot of issues for Americans, and those with mental health issues saw their problems increase.

Many with insurance want to know what help they may seek if they need it through their insurance plans.

According to AS, in 2014 it became required that mental health and substance use disorders be covered in the same ways as physical health.

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This requirement came under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act in 2008.

Coverage was expanded under the Affordable Care Act, but there were still limitations.

Does health insurance cover all mental health services?

Not all services are required to be covered under health insurance.

If mental health coverage is offered, it needs to be as good as physical healthcare coverage offered.

If mental health isn’t covered, then behavioral health needs to be covered.

This includes inpatient services and substance abuse treatment.

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What will my health insurance actually cover?

The law does not force all insurance companies to cover mental healthcare.

When coverage is offered, it needs to be as good as medical and surgical coverage.

This means reasonable co-pays and number of visits under the deductible.

If you have pre-existing conditions for mental health or substance abuse, they are treated the same as a physical pre-existing condition.

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