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INSIDE THE FLX: Sim Covington of Canandaigua City Council on lifelong learning, implicit bias, and path to a more diverse America (podcast)

In this episode, I talk with Sim Covington, who’s been the Chief Diversity Officer at Finger Lakes Community College since 2018 and was sworn in last month as the first black man to serve on the Canandaigua City Council.

We talked about Sim being a “professional student,” the value of lifelong learning and the importance of learning from and with people from diverse geographic backgrounds and mind sets. I learned that diversity has little meaning without equity and inclusion.

We talked about the implicit bias we all have and how to recognize it, learn from it and rise above it. Sim talked about how we can make the organizations we’re a part of more diverse and more inclusive. He talked about his decision to get involved in politics and government, and about breaking down a barrier as a Canandaigua City Councilor and about the barriers still to be knocked down.

I learned a lot from this very insightful and intelligent man and I think you will, too.